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WI Family Engagement Newsletter  

The focus of the newsletter is to have a resource for families, schools, and agencies to go to for timely and relevant information on different special education related topics, at-home learning strategies, online resources, recent research and statewide events.  

The newsletter is provided by the Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support (WI FACETS) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Inside you'll find:
  • An article highlighting a specific Special Education related topic
  • Online resources related to the featured topic
  • At-Home Learning Strategies for Literacy and Math
  • Upcoming statewide events, conferences and trainings
  • Recent research of interest
How can I sign up to receive the newsletter?

If you would like to get on the newsletter mailing list, complete the registration form.

How can I contribute to the newsletter? 

To submit articles, events, and resources, please send an email to Wendy Overturf at If submitting an event, please include the date, time, location, and registration information for your event. If you are submitting an article, please include it as an attachment to an email in a format that can be edited. 



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